2008 – Hangarbicocca – Milan

Audio visual installation
7 video projectors, 7 dvd players,1 sound mixer,
3 amplifiers, 6 speakers,1 dvd synchronizer,6 subwoofers.

“…At Hangar Bicocca, Daniele Puppi made a single gesture, on a monumental scale. The site-specific video and sound installation Fatica 16 (Effort 16), 2007-2008, altered the architecture of the space through a double movement of expansion and contraction. On the back wall, the artist projected the image of his own torso across three separate screens corresponding to the three naves that make up the space. The two side sections showed his open arms, with a cymbal in each hand. The central portion seemed completely black, but in fact what it showed was the artist’s dark T-shirt, which became visible only when his arms moved, clashing the cymbals together at the center. At that moment, a loud metallic sound filled the gallery, and the image of the clashing cymbals reappeared, as rapidly as a flash of lightning, fleeting and apparently infinitely multiplied, across the pitched ceiling.”